Welcome to the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria!


Welcome to the Skye Branch website !!

We are a training branch of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria, and our training grounds are at KCC Park, Skye.

Here you can interact with other people who have the same interests as you, the German Shepherd Dog. Our committee members and instructors have had many years of experience in living with, handling and training German Shepherds and as a club member you can avail yourself to that knowledge base at any time. Our edict is to provide a range of training services and impart information in a friendly and professional manner, whilst encouraging a social atmosphere for both dog and handler.

Come and Visit us, we welcome puppies from 8 weeks of age and older dogs of all ages and levels of training.




We train every Sunday

except for Long Weekends



Start at 10am

Finish 11am


Please arrive at least half an hour before classes start to

book in at the registration desk and settle your dog.


New Members

We welcome all new members and ask if you could arrive

around 9.30 am with your dogs current immunisation card

so we can complete the necessary paperwork so you can

start training with your dog


Equipment Roster 8/10/17

This week Class 2 is rostered on to assist with the set-up and pack-up of the Equipment. 


If you are in Class 2, please either arrive around 9.30 am to assist with the set-up, or stay back after class to help pack it away. 


Your assistance is greatly appreciated – as you know, many hands make light work, so please help out!


Of course, if you are in another class, there is absolutely no reason that you can’t help out as well if you feel that way inclined!  We certainly won’t refuse your help!!!






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