Pass ups for August 2018

Puppy to Class 1

Trent Grant with Koda

Nick Karkasidis with Jax

Brigitte Crapper with Jess

Steele Warren with Finn


Class 1 to Class 2

Jo Jamieson with Polly

Sheryll Wagner with Izzy

Trich Foreman with Maisie

Jeremy Buttolph with Jaye

Lynn Mason with Ned

Paul Redpath with Kovu

Harry Heinen with Millie

Gavin Sceneu with Harley

Adam Broad with Sabre

Matthew Smith with Tikka

Jane White-head with Sarge

Gabrielle Veksler with Zeus

Peter Comatos with Ajax


Class 2 to Class 3

Natalie Gargiulo with Mac


From Class 4 to Trial Class

Bec Cole with Valhalla

Paul Riley with Hooper

Carol Chambers with Skye


Congratulations to all !!