Pass ups for December 2018

Puppy to Class 1
Glen Gray with Missy
Danielle Christie with Jessie
Robyn Champion with Pepper
Rebecca Fleming with Rosco

Class 1 to Class 2
Jo Jamieson with Polly
David Petrie with Sage
Brigitte Crapper with Jess
Nadia Jhoomun with Alfie
Zac Taylor with Riley
David Dong with Pepper
Kirsty Barrie with Angel

From Class 2 to Class 3
James Kent with Xena
Dean Sullivan with Rubin
Sheryl Wagner with Izzy
Paul Redpath with Kovu
Sarah Sparrow with Yoshi
Trish Foreman with Maisie
Melissa Hill with Bella
Sheryl Purcell with Chewy
Clint Warren with Bea
Merilyn Rennie with Sansa
Christina Webb with Sally
Peter Comatos with Ajax
Sonia Sach with Chelsey

Congratulations to all and looking forward to seeing you again in the New Year. No doubt our dogs are raring to go after the Summer Holidays!!