GSDCV-Skye Branch & Dogs Victoria COVID information

“Message from the GSDCV President Regarding Covid Vaccinations”

Dear Members,

As we near the Vic Covid Roadmap thresholds, we as a Club need to prepare to re-open in line with State, Local and Dogs Victoria requirements for our activities.  When our state reaches the 80% double vaccinate mark, training and events will return for the Club. In order that we as a Club comply with the Government mandate, anyone who attends a GSDCV event, whether it is training, a meeting, show, trial or breed survey or just going to the Branch to catch up with other GSDCV members you haven’t seen in a long while,  must either be double Covid-19 vaccinated or have a valid medical exemption. This applies to all of us, no exceptions. Whether it is a member of the Club Executive, the Branch Committee,  the Instructors or the regular members we must all follow the same rules. Many of the local councils on whose grounds we train and even Dogs Victoria have also informed us that we will not be able to train or use the Club rooms or facilities unless the members have had their double Covid Vaccination or a medical exemption.  We must all prove our double dose Covid-19 vaccination status, or have a valid medical exemption.

How do I show evidence of my vaccination?

We need to sight evidence of your vaccination status (or exemption) in the form of:

  • Your Immunisation history statement available from Medicare, your MyGov COVID-19 digital certificate, your My Health Record or via the Service Victoria app (if it is linked to your COVID-19 digital certificate)
  • Proof of a medical exemption evidenced by an authorised medical practitioner (for example, a doctor’s certificate)

This may slow things down initially, but it will speed things up over the ensuing weeks.

We understand that some may feel that it is a private matter and we do respect that. If you do not wish to show us your Covid-19 vaccination status, we understand, unfortunately we will not be able to let you attend and you will be asked to leave. Please understand that we must comply with the Government regulations.

If you have any question you can contact me on  or 0411462358 or your Branch Manager”




Victoria is set to reach vaccination targets that will result in the easing of restrictions for Victorians.

Below is a summary on the new changes and what this means for Dogs Victoria events and venues.

Victoria is set to reach:

  • 70% double dose vaccination rates during the week of 18 October 2021 and will enter Victoria’s Roadmap – National Plan Phase B.
  • 80% double dose vaccination rates during week of 31 October 2021 and will enter Victoria’s Roadmap – National Plan Phase C.

For a Dogs Victoria focus of this phase, please refer to the following Dogs Victoria edited roadmap here.

As mandated by the Victoria and federal government roadmap, Dogs Victoria will require proof of double dose Covid-19 vaccination status or an approved medical exemption in order to attend its events/venues.

For more details, please refer to part 3 – All Attendees to Dogs Victoria Events or Venues on the full document.

Please make sure you are prepared when attending Dogs Victoria events and venues to ensure a smooth entry.

As mandated by the Victorian government, any attendee that does not

  • Check in using the Victoria Services QR code app (or use or supply details to a third party device)
  • or provide double Covid-19 vaccination acceptable proof
  • or if required, proof of age
  • or medical exemption proof (or copy to be taken)

will be refused entry to the event.

If an exhibitor is unable to fulfil or supply any of the requirements under the condition of the event “Events subject to Covid-19 restrictions current at the time”, no refund of entry fees and other costs are applicable.

For the full document, please click here.

The topics that are covered in the document are:

  1. Roadmap – 70% Double Dose Vaccinated rates
  2. Roadmap – 80% Double Dose Vaccinated rates
  3. All Attendees to Dogs Victoria Events or Venues
  4. Event Organisers
  5. Exhibitors
  6. VIC/NSW Border Changes
  7. Summary

For any further Covid-19 inquiries, please contact

Enjoy a return to Dogs Victoria events and venues soon and stay safe.

Jason Eggleton

Chief Executive