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Skye Branch Xmas Break-up and Presentation day

The Skye Branch Xmas Break-up and Presentation day will be held on Sunday morning, November 24th, 2019. Activities include games for dogs and handlers, A dog and handlers fancy dress competion, many activities for children and a visit from Santa, … Read More

Skye Branch Quarterly Meeting

The next Skye Branch Quarterly Meeting will be held after training at 11.15am on Sunday, October 20th. We will be providing a free sausage sizzle while you learn how your Branch and Committee are progressing.

September training class pass up’s

Congratulations to the following dogs and handlers who were passed up in Septmeber. Puppy to Class 1 Denise Mudigonda with Izzy Class 1 to 2 Chris Carpentier with Shadow Paul Palmos with Ivy Glenn Sheridan with Mia Rhiannon Petrie with … Read More

Pass Ups

Puppy to Class 1 Mathias Rodriguez with Loki Josh Cherayath with Charlie Ashley Lewis with Zeus Clayton Ashby with Loki Carolyn Gebbing with Indie Glenn Fairburn with Cruz Jared Olsen with Kyzer Urvi Menta with Leo Abhi Sinha with Max … Read More

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