Our Policies



If your bitch is in season she is unable to participate in obedience classes until discharge is no longer present.  This is normally around 3 weeks.  If you do bring her please do NOT allow her to be on the training grounds before or during classes as it is very distracting to both male and female dogs.


Dogs are not to be tied up at any time.  If you need to take a toilet break etc. please ask someone who is capable of holding your dog or ask an Instructor or a committee member.  If your dog is familiar with cages, there are 2 solid cages at the canteen end of the veranda.  The club has also a portable cage for the purposes of familiarisation for your dog.  This cage is put out with the agility equipment.  Please ensure that you ask an instructor for help in placing your dog in the cage for the first time to alleviate any bad experience.


Your dogs vaccination certificate is to be sighted by the club each year and is to be marked off on your attendance card at the registration desk.  If you dog has had a 3 year booster please advise the person marking you off to note this. If you dog has the annual kennel cough booster, feel free to show this certificate as well.


Please do NOT bring your dog to training if is unwell.  Seek veterinary advice.  In the best interests of your dog and other dogs health it is best to keep them away from public grounds until fully recovered.  Contagious diseases like kennel cough and parvo are still very present even with vaccinations and can still be contracted so please be very vigilant.