GSDCV Skye Branch – Obedience Training


We are back to training – Sunday 24th April at 10am

As per the changes to the Minister for Health’s orders, Dogs Victoria have informed us that members will no longer need to show an approved vaccination status from 11:59pm on Friday April 22, nor check in using the QR code.
This means that:
-you are no longer required to QR code at the KCC Park gate or at the club
-you no longer need to show your proof of vaccination status at the KCC Park gate or at the Club
Training commences at 10.00 am for all classes, which means all members wishing to train NEED TO BE REGISTERED NO LATER THAN 9.45 AM.


Have your Membership Card ready to be scanned
Have your $3.00 training fee in cash and ready to drop in the bucket.
Arrive in plenty of time to complete Registration and then settle your dog.
Remember that from the moment your dog steps out of your car, you are training! Use the queue as a training exercise – sit your dog and pay attention to him/her.


Welcome to the Skye Branch

We are a training branch of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria, and our training grounds are at KCC Park, Skye.

Here you can interact with other people who have the same interests as you, the German Shepherd Dog. Our committee members and instructors have had many years of experience in living with, handling and training German Shepherds and as a club member you can avail yourself to that knowledge base at any time. Our edict is to provide a range of training services and impart information in a friendly and professional manner, whilst encouraging a social atmosphere for both dog and handler.

Come and Visit us, we welcome puppies from 8 weeks of age and older dogs of all ages and levels of training.
Training is at KCC Park,
655 Westernport Hwy, Skye (Melways 128 J12)
Obedience training times are Sunday morning, from 10am-11am followed by show training at 12pm

Please arrive early, by 9.30am, thanks.

What Can You Do and Learn?

Training is fun, and your dog is rewarded throughout the training session.
Rewards can be food, a favourite toy or object or verbal praise. Make sure you bring any or all of them each week.
Training your dog involves learning all of the following then you will have a well behaved dog.
• Socialising with other dogs
• Focus and Watch Me
• Sit, Drop and Stand
• Recall (come back when called!)
• Walking calmly and Heeling
• Praise and Play
• Leave
• Problem Solving
• Meet other like minded GSD owners and their dogs and puppies